We tailor our services flexibly to address your varying, often complex, requirements as a client. This is preferable to ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions that may not meet your specific needs.

We take the time and effort to understand your culture, goals, objectives and strategies. This means we can share your vision during recruitment, while adding our own strengths and expertise to the search. 

As a client you deserve to have choices. 

A person’s skill-set, technical competence and experience are not the only considerations. Of equal importance are the soft skills, including motivation, attitude, work ethic, loyalty, commitment, relationship-building and influencing capabilities. 

There is strong evidence that the cultural fit and emotional intelligence of a candidate have a direct effect on an organisation’s accomplishments and profitability. 

In our experience, these considerations produce a far more valuable recruitment outcome for you. They also help determine the longer-term success of the appointment.

Our approach for search and recruitment includes an initial consultation with the client to ensure:

  • A clear understanding of our respective roles and responsibilities in the process we agree to follow
  • Agreement on the appropriate balance of skills and experience required for each position – establishing Candidate Profiles
  • Agreement on clearly-defined and time-bound milestones for recruitment.  

Stelle International sets out to add value throughout your entire recruitment process. We complement the skills and knowledge of your management team. 

We become ‘partners’ with our clients in providing strategic advice and market intelligence. This means we can deliver successful human resource solutions - and measurable benefits to your organisation. 

Importantly, a principal of Stelle International always manages the project - from briefing to finalisation. This ensures continuity during selection, and clarity in your and our responsibilities and accountabilities. 

This business approach enables Stelle International to achieve results for you through each phase of the assignment.