Stelle International’s services can include:

  • Advertising copywriting, placement, monitoring and response
  • Domestic and international search
  • Weekly reporting to the client on progress with the assignment
  • Screening of all candidates
  • Preparation of a 'Candidate Matrix'
  • In-depth candidate interviews
  • Comprehensive reference checking and enquiries (due diligence)
  • Preparation of shortlist and submission of detailed candidate reports covering:
    • Initial Impressions
    • Career Summary
    • Interview Preparation
    • Motivation
    • Preferred Culture / Work Environment
    • Skills Summary
    • Career Objectives
    • Experience and Knowledge for the Position
    • Delivery of Results
    • Remuneration
    • Availability
    • Other Opportunities Under Consideration
    • Full Resume
    • Referees' Comments
  • Scheduling client interviews
  • Arranging independent psychological assessments, if required – please note that our methodology involves a tailored process for the specific position, including interviews by the psychologist 
  • Negotiation of remuneration and start date with the successful candidate (which also includes an exit strategy with current employer and management of any counter-offers)
  • Responding to all unsuccessful candidates
  • One, three, six and twelve-month follow-up with the client and the successful candidate. This underpins a successful integration – so that expectations are met both by the employer and new employee. This has enabled Stelle International to achieve its exemplary record in candidate placement.